How do you like your man now you red-neck idiots?

How do you like your man now you red-neck idiots? Yes, I'm talking to you Trump voters. As I write this we are closer to the brink of World War 3 than I can ever remember. N. Korea is losing it's shit over their new missile program & Trump is not helping the situation with the ships he is sending over there. But enough speculating on the end of civilization & on to his accomplishments.

These are in no particular order.
  • He made it LEGAL to murder families of sleeping bears. Yes those pesky hibernating bear families in Alaska have met their match. (H.J. Res. 69) not only makes it legal to kill bears, but also dens of wolves, cubs & all. You can also shoot animals from helicopters, very sporting indeed.
  • He is simplifying the tax code (not done yet) lowering the number of brackets from 7 down to 3. Oh yes it also lowers the taxes for the richest people in the country. Thank god, I was worried about the plight of millionaires & billionaires.
  • He is "promoting" made in America & keeping jobs here. Although he still has his ties made in China. His daughter Ivanka has her clothing line made in China as well with workers being paid $52 a week, for long hours & 6 day work weeks all year long. No vacations for those slaves. Way to set a good example for our country.
  • He blocked people from coming into the USA from several Muslim countries  (Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen). This will keep out terrorists, right? If only there were a way for the "bad guys" to fly to another country, not on the list, & fly here anyway. That could never happen though, I'm sure.
  • He has banned refugees from Syria permanently (other countries temporarily) from entering the US. So, people who are FLEEING from the "bad guys" can't come in. Serves them right for being persecuted in the first place.
  • Spit in the face of the Native Americans, again, buy green lighting the Keystone & Dakota Access pipelines. All of the protesting & work by the tribes & others was for absolutely nothing. Why does our government have such a hard on for crapping on Indians?
  • Increased drone strikes by 432% over Obama, killing thousands of civilians in the process. In one battle we bombed a Mosque & then when the ambulances showed up to help the injured people we killed the medics too. Wow that's called a "double tap", those are some fun times right there.
  • He made it illegal for White House officials to lobby for foreign governments, of course that rule doesn't apply to the President.
  • Is killing the budget for the Dept. of Education & the EPA. Why should we care about things like our kids or breathing?
These are but a few of his "accomplishments", here are a few things he hasn't done. YET!
  • Hasn't started WW3, give it a few more months though.
  • Hasn't started, or even figured out funding on, the wall.
  • Hasn't visited a single country, He has been to his private golf course almost every single weekend, so he has been pretty busy in that respect.
  • Still no tax returns.
  • Hasn't replaced the Affordable Care Act (Obama-care) with anything better. They sort of have a plan, and I'm sure it will be better. After all, who really needs health care anyway? Just walk it off.
  • Hasn't apologized for anything yet, even thought he told Jimmy Fallon he would.
But fear not, Trump has a secret weapon: his son in law Jared Kushner. Jared is going to help out Don by doing a few things for him. Jared will be in charge of (I'm not making this up) solving the Israeli-Palestine conflict, fixing our relations with China & Mexico, bringing peace to the middle east, fixing the US opioid problem, writing Trump's speeches, handling Trump's foreign issues & fixing the US government. No shit?

That about sums up the problem with the Trump Presidency. He is a moron! That's all I have to say about that.

orig on 4/27/17, 9:46 PM