WTF America?

What is happening to our country? People regularly say bad things about the Government & the administration, focusing on the president. But This administration (Trump presidency) is the worst we have ever had. Obama had Benghazi, PRISM, the Banking crash, Keystone XL & he deported a LOT of immigrants. The Bush's caused a recession & got us into many wars. Clinton was a horny dog that caused one scandal after another. Don't even get me started about Reagan. But Trump has taken things to a new horrible level.

Trump is tweeting America into the toilet. He has acted like a 3 year old throwing tantrums on Twitter, showing how much of an imbecile he is on a daily basis. He taunts the maniacal leader of North Korea threatening him with nuclear annihilation. He constantly insults people calling them; fat, stupid & losers. His staff is a literal revolving door of losers & degenerates (thinking of you Mooch).

He is absolutely trying to kill healthcare for millions of Americans, for no other reason than the current plan was implemented by a black man. There is so much strife & fighting in the White House that nothing is getting done. The administration completely ignores the overwhelming view of scientists on climate change & we are facing a total disaster of global proportions.

The world outside the US has lost faith in our ability to effectively govern ourselves, let alone help with the problems facing the rest of the world. At the time of writing we are in a military conflict with 10 other nations, all started by us; Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria, South Sudan, Ukraine, Libya & Pakistan. Where does it end? Why are we even in these places?

A poll was done by Pew Research Center that asked people around the world "who was the biggest threat to world peace?" The number one choice (35%) was the United States of America. That's right, we were ahead of China, Russia & all the Middle Eastern countries as the worst threat. History will not look kindly on America. I feel we will be written as an authoritarian regime the terrorized the planet & spread hate & violence across the planet. We are definitely not the good guys as we believe.

Unless we make some radical changes fast we will most likely have a complete destruction of our society.