Nov 14, 2018

Transgender Explanation

Hey everyone Rev. Chris here, previously I explained what LGBTQ was & hopefully you have  a better understanding of it. Now I’m going to expand on the more complex topic of transgender people. I’ll also touch on that controversial topic of going to the bathroom.

What is it to be transgender. Well, it's a complex issue with a pretty simple explanation. The development of a baby is a complex process & a lot of things can go awry. A baby can be born with a heart murmur, or missing an arm or a cleft palate. When this happens we feel bad & then someone fixes the problem with surgery or therapy. Imagine if you were born with the wrong brain? What if you had a male brain in a female's body. Doesn't sound so far fetched when you think about it like that does it. It's really no different that being born with any other issue. Yet we shun the transgender person for something that is completely not their fault.

Sexual preference is another confusing issue when dealing with trans people. You might think that if you are a trans woman that you should like men. But since your body is male would that make you gay? So are you a gay man woman trans lesbian? This is confusing. But it really isn't. No matter what sex you are, you can be attracted to any other sex. You might be a trans woman who likes women, or a man that likes men, or you might be attracted to the opposite sex. The fact is who you like has nothing to do with who you are, they are totally separate.

Fixing the problem of transgender is a fairly complex issue as well. First you have to go to counselling to make sure you are really trans & not just sexually confused. Then you start hormone therapy to help your body be the sex it is supposed to be. The huge problem with all of this is cost. Most insurance companies will NOT pay for any of these treatments, even though I believe it is a legitimate medical need. The high cost of surgery prohibits a lot of people from getting the reassignment surgery so they are left in a state of limbo & can't complete the final step. These people are referred to as pre-op transexuals. They are the people who need our support, not our ridicule. They need the insurance industry to recognise their needs & include them in their coverage.
Being transgender is not easy to deal with.

Imagine as a young child not feeling comfortable in your own skin. Imagine as a teen knowing that you are not in the correct body. Then imagine as an adult having to listen to the ignorant people telling you to pretend to be something you are not. So now with a better understanding of what transgender is & isn't hopefully you will know how to treat them, as regular people.

I’d like to touch on the bathroom issue as well. It was a huge deal for a while & thankfully it has died down a bit.

OK, first let me tell you what the lawmakers are afraid of. They are afraid that evil transgender people are just waiting around to sneak into a public restroom & rape our children. This notion is preposterous, just because you are trans doesn't mean you are a pervert. Secondly their logic is completely flawed. What they want to do is keep transgendered people out of the wrong bathroom. In reality trans people have been sharing the restrooms with you for decades & you didn't even know it.

Their law says that transgender people must use the restroom of the sex they were assigned at birth. Sounds good so far but it is totally backwards. Let's say you have a trans man, born in a woman's body but the brain of a man. He goes through the hormone replacement therapy, develops facial hair, starts to look & feel more like a man. Now when you see this person you see a man, the way he looks, acts & interacts with the world around him is all masculine. Then he tries to go to the restroom. According to your law he must use the restroom of his birth sex, which is... FEMALE!  Now you have a man in the women's bathroom. OOPS!

The same is true of a trans woman, you're going to get a woman in the men's room. Neither one of those sound very safe. So the laws you enacted to help prevent problems actually cause them. Best thing to do is just to forget about all of this & let people live their lives.The only thing people are doing in bathrooms is going to the bathroom.

video is here

Xbox X The name of the next console?

I have figured out the name for the new Xbox will be named. It's simple really.

Xbox X (as in ten)

Think about it this way. When Microsoft released the first Xbox, they were competing with the Playstation 2 as Sony had a full generation jump on them. So, they simply titled their console "Xbox", named after their Direct X graphics drivers used in Windows gaming. Then the next generation of consoles came out & Microsoft had a problem. They couldn't call their new console Xbox 2 as it would be competing with the Play Station 3. That would be a big PR problem that Sony would take advantage of, so, they called it Xbox 360. Problem solved, right?


They were matched up Again with Sony's new console, the Play Station 4. Now Microsoft Couldn't call their new machine the Xbox 3, especially after the 360, it would sound too much alike and That simply wouldn't make sense. So, What to call it? Xbox 361? Xbox 360-2?

I know, Xbox One. Problem solved, right?
No, again.

You see the Xbox will always be at a naming disadvantage due to Sony's pesky Playstation one beating them to the punch. So Microsoft needs a permanent fix to this problem. A while back they changed the naming & updating on the Windows Operating System by going to Windows 10. They skipped right over 9 & went to 10, stating it would be the last Windows OS ever. Ten would still get updates & improvements, but it would never go to 11.

I feel there is a Spinal Tap joke in there somewhere, but I digress. 
Windows 10 is the last.

So now you see my reasoning that Xbox X, or Xbox Ten, could be the final name. They have already stated that they are not wanting to re design a new game system every 5 years or so & the power of the latest consoles (One X & PS4 pro) are just amazing. They are more than capable of doing almost anything. The real future of gaming is not so much the hardware, but the content, connectivity, community & creativity of the gaming ecosystem itself.

So, what is the future for gaming naming? Well Sony will have the PS5, duh. But Microsoft is a bit of a mystery. I like the "X" moniker, but only the folks in Redmond truly know.

video is here

Nov 9, 2018

Guns Guns Guns

We are a nation obsessed with guns. Heck I own 5 of them, although 3 are non functional display guns. For the most part people are pretty responsible with them, although the are some idiots in the mix. But when you her terms like "assault rifle", "semi automatic" or "long gun" in the media it's hard to figure out what it all means. I'm going to help.

The news is constantly screaming about someone being shot by an "assault rifle", but what exactly is an assault rifle? basically an assault rifle is based on the way a weapon looks. Typically the AR 15 is referenced because it is one of the most popular styles & with good reason. The AR platform is a very well designed & comfortable rifle to shoot. But at it's core it is no different than a standard rifle.

Another term the media like to scare us with is "semi-automatic". There are 3 basic firing styles of weapons: manual, meaning after you fire you need to perform an action to load another round like pumping a shotgun or moving a bolt on a rife. The next (and most common type) is semi-automatic. This means when you fire the weapon it automatically loads another round for you. You then need to pull the trigger again to fire. Almost every pistol & rifle made is a semi-automatic type. Even revolvers are technically semi-automatic. The final type is full-auto. Full auto means that when you pull the trigger the weapon will keep firing until you release the trigger or run out of ammo. Except in special cases you can not own a fully automatic weapon. They are illegal. So when the news people say "semi automatic" trying to scare you, you'll know they are talking about almost every firearm that is made.

So if you are a crazy person & want to kill a lot of people you could do it just as easy with a standard rifle, which is also called a long gun, a pistol or shotgun just like you could with an "assault rifle". So I say to the media, stop trying to scare us with sensationalism & scary words & just tell the news. And everyone else, quit focusing on the type of guns used in these killings & start looking at the people. They are the ones doing the damage, after all.

Video is here.

Nov 8, 2018

Shiraz Wine Tasting

LGBTQ Explanation

Today I'm going to reveal the mystery of the LGBTQ acronym. This seems to be confusing for some people, so I’ll try to help.  I would like to start off by saying that I am not an expert in human sexuality, I am just giving you my interpretation of these terms. Also, if I say anything that is incorrect or offensive it was unintentional. I have a lot of respect for the problems that the LGBTQ community faces. So here we go.

So let's start with the easiest part, the "L" & "G".
"L" stands for lesbian, simply put women who are attracted to women. "G" stands for gay, the male version of lesbian, or men who like men. That was pretty easy, so let's go on to the "B". "B" means bi-sexual, or women who like both women & men, also men who like women & men as well.

Now let's get to the trickier part, the "T". The first three letters "LGB" are describing a sexual preference, who am I attracted to. But the "T" describes a sexual identity, who am I as a person. If, for instance, I am a transgender female, then I was born physically as a male, but I am actually a female inside. A transgender male is just the opposite, born with a female body but inside a man. It seems confusing, but think of it like this; you have the brain of one sex, but the body of another. I'll go into more detail in my next video.

That brings us to the "Q", that stands for queer. Not queer in the derogatory sense, but queer as in odd. I'll be honest this term even confuses me a bit. It refers to people who don't identify with the other types, or refuse to identify as a form of protest.

Wow, you made it but there is one more thing to discuss. There is a letter that is not in the "LGBTQ" acronym, & it is "P"

Pansexual is similar to bi-sexual, but also includes the attraction to all people regardless of their sexual identity. Pansexuals just love everybody. I identify as pansexual myself & I like to say I like someone because of who they are, not what they are. I have a friend named Jamie that says Pansexual means you love men, women & kitchen utensils.

Whatever you identify with just remember that we are all people & it shouldn't matter what our preferences are, we all just want love.

video is here

Nov 2, 2018

I have left this world

I watch a lot of news. Not from the mainstream media, but real news. I say real because the mainstream media is no longer a valid source for accurate news. They spin too much propaganda for whatever rich person owns the network they broadcast out of. Their is a similar bias from both the right wing as well as the left. Corporate interests are the word of the day when it comes to e everything that we as regular Americans deal with. With the blatant amount of corruption that is forced upon us there seems to be no hope in sight.

That is why I have given up on this world. I have given up of trying to understand why Americans put up with the tired OLD politicians who do not give a shit about anyone but themselves & their rich assholes. We need a new Robin Hood, a new revolution, a new "new deal" & a bunch of new Eliot Ness's


Jun 10, 2018

We all gonna die!

We are, all of us, going to die at some point; there is no way around it. But I believe it is a bit more pressing than most people realize. For the first time since WWI we are becoming an isolationist nation. With our current leadership (Trump) and his endless train of cronies, we have become a terrible example for the rest of the world. The other nations are looking at our xenophobic leaders in disgust & we are losing allies at a rapid pace. Not long ago a survey was done throughout the world (I forget who did it) asking what country was the biggest threat to world peace. The overwhelming majority of people answered "the United States". That is a pretty sad state of affairs when we have become the villains of this planet. Just like most of Germany thought they were on the right side of history, we too have become a Nazi like race.  Hateful, arrogant, racist & sure that we are doing the right thing. We are at  war with 8 countries at the current time (Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Lybia & West Africa). Yes, technically, none of these are wars, ie war has not been declared. But when you are bombing someone, sending in troops & killing them you are at war.

History will Judge us as an aggressive, violent nation that caused much pain & suffering & was generally a scourge to this planet. I am ashamed to be an American.

Apr 30, 2018

Don't Apologize

If you say something stupid, hateful or mean. Don't say you are sorry later on, because you are not. You said it, pwn up to it. People say they want to be a "better person", what does that even mean? I am me & don't want to be different. I'm an ass hole, I admit it. I used to try to like everyone, but there are people that are just worthless. After trump [sic] was elected I completely lost faith in people. Now we are ruled by an ignorant buffoon & his legion of ass fuckers. The millions of dumb shit rednecks that voted for him are both worthless & clueless. I no longer believe in the goodness in people, I no longer believe that we have a chance at being something more than we are now. We are a species that is capable of so much wonder, but are mired in the muck of our own worthless arrogance. We have evolved to our maximum point & are now being dragged to the depths of depravity by the likes of bill o'reilly [sic] & others with his mindset.

Humanity is doomed!

Feb 9, 2018

PayPal debit card SCAM

I used to have a PayPal debit card a long time ago & it worked great with no fees, but it was discontinued years ago. When I got a message for this one I assumed they had restarted the old card service again, so I signed up. Let me be clear,


Pure & simple. What they don't tell you is this; there is a 29¢ fee for each transaction & a $4.99 fee per month. So, as soon as you put money on the card they take out 5 bucks. Then you get mad & cancel your account, but they have your $5.28 . If they do this to millions of people it adds up to a lot of stolen money for PayPal. I'm sure it tells you about this in the endless pages of agreement that you agreed to but no one reads. Don't fall for this & cancel your PayPal services like I did.

I submitted this to Consumer Affairs & the Federal Trade Commission

Feb 8, 2018

Xbox X The name of the next console?

I have figured out the name for the new Xbox will be. It's simple really.

Xbox X (as in ten)

Think about it this way. When Microsoft released the first Xbox, they were competing with the Playstation 2 as Sony had a generations jump on them. So, they simply titled their console "Xbox", named after their Direct X graphics drivers used in Windows gaming. Then the next gen consoles came out & they had a problem. They couldn't call their new console Xbox 2 as it would be competing with the PS3. That would be a big PR problem that Sony would take advantage of, so, they called it Xbox 360. Problem solved, right? No.

The worst ScumBags in America.

Donald Trump (no brainier) I cannot for the life of me figure out why this person is anything. He is an obvious moron, who knows nothing about the world around him. Every time he is asked a question he replies with complete stupid gibberish. This would not be a problem, except that HE IS THE FUCKING PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! He has literally turned the USA into a laughingstock in the eyes of the world. He has literally ruined what little reputation the US had & caused us to lose all credibility in foreign affairs. We will probably never be able to negotiate with other nations because of the damage he has done. Well played trump.

[EDIT] I no longer think Trump is in control of anything, I think he is a mere puppet to his degenerate administration. He still sucks though.

Feb 6, 2018

What has happened to me since High School?

I went to college, moved out on my own, dropped out of college, got married, bought a house, had a son, lost the house, got divorced, bought another house, got a new puppy, lost my mom, got remarried, gained a stepdaughter, lost my grandfather, lost my grandmother, got divorced again, bought my first new car, rescued my best friend from her abusive husband, wrecked my first new car, got a new puppy, bought my first truck, got married yet again, lost my dog, lost my new father in law, lost my dad, got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, bought another new truck, watched my son graduate, got another puppy, got a daughter in law, a grandson, came out as pan (bi) sexual, had to quit work, lost another dog, lost my best friend, got another dog, got another grandson & my son is getting a divorce.

Now I have my son, my wife, 3 dogs, 2 grandsons & a fun disease. Life is good.

Feb 3, 2018

My Favorite Bible Passages

Religion. It's given people hope in a world torn apart by religion. -- Jon Stewart

Samuel 18:27

David wants to marry Saul’s daughter, so he asks how much money to buy her (this is a common practice, selling your children). Saul say he doesn’t want money, he want’s David to kill 100 Philistines & bring him their foreskins (nasty). So David kills 200, cuts off their skins & buys himself a wife.

Feb 1, 2018

My Views on Religion

There are so many different religions in the world, how do you know which one is the “right” one? Simple: They all are. And none are.

There are a lot of elements from different religions that are very good for mankind. There are equally, if not more so, bad elements. Remember Jim Jones & the poison Flavor-Aid? How about the Heavens Gate suicides? Or the Crusades? These atrocities all took place in the name of religion. Killing in the name of [insert deity here], is still killing. There is no way of getting around that face. The commandment reads “Thou shall not kill.” It doesn’t say it’s ok if the people won’t follow your views. It doesn’t say it is ok if it is for a religious ceremony. It is pretty clear. There has been more turmoil over the simple name of god, than almost anything else. I believe that god does not really care if you call him God, Buddha, Jehovah, Allah, or any other name man has thought of. If god is omnipotent, then what would that matter? Something so trivial would not even enter into the equation. God, no matter what name we call him, would not concern himself with a name. I seriously doubt that such an entity would even require a name at all.

It is that reason that I believe all religions are correct in the belief in a supreme being, a creator of everything. I also believe that they are mistaken about the details of such a being. Such a thing would, in reality, be completely incomprehensible to normal men. That is why we have made up so many different versions of the same truth. Truly, how could we ever write about something that we cannot even understand. Until we pass on to the next world, we will never understand these things. So trying to assign a religion to them is a fruitless undertaking, that we will never get right.

Jan 30, 2018

Violent Behavior

The most violent thing we see is the nightly news. 

I personally quit watching the news years ago, because it was so bad. We know that there are terrible going on in the world, so why do we feel the need to watch them?  Do we get some perverse thrill from the misfortune of others? I am stunned at how our society seems to accept & even embrace violence so quickly. We watch movies about torture & killing, listen to music about gangs & killing, and no one seems to care. We romanticize gangsters, pirates & ninjas when in reality they were thugs, thieves & killers. Our kids dress up as these characters on Halloween & their parents never think about all of the violence associated with these characters.

Jan 28, 2018

REMINDER: Register To Vote! Primaries Are Important!

Register to vote π—»π—Όπ˜„! Voting in the primaries are the most important part of taking back our gov. π——𝗒 π—œπ—§ 𝗑𝗒π—ͺ!!

Jan 22, 2018

Chris Carnes Sr.: Vote!

Chris Carnes Sr.: Vote!: I used to think that voting was not that important. My son Christopher was unsure about voting. Here is all you need to know. VOTE everyone, it's really important. Love you!

Jan 15, 2018

Chelsea Manning is running for senate

Chelsea Manning is running for senate in Maryland. She is an American hero & a super bad ass in general. She was tortured & put in solitary confinement naked to try & break her. Did they? HELL NO! She is a fighter & a patriot who wants to help the real American people & I hope she wins. If I lived in her state I would vote for her without hesitation. Best of luck to her & keep fighting the good fight.

My Babies (doggies)

Reposted from my old blog.

If you have never felt the love & companionship of a good dog then I feel sorry for you. Those of us who love their dogs know what I mean when I call them my babies. They love me no matter what; if I’m having a good day, bad day, sick, depressed, whatever it is, they don’t care. They just love me all the time. I have three Dachshunds & when I get home from work they go nuts. I have to let (Millie) the littlest one give me a kiss or she will bark non stop until I do, my other mini (Zoe) shakes & whines with excitement until I pet her & the old man (Traces) follows me around until I pet him. They are genuinely excited & happy to see me, they love me. The little ones sleep curled up between my wife & me, they are usually sitting with one of us in the evening as we watch TV & play games. Yes a good dog really loves you & good owners really love them back. My dogs are my babies & I would do anything I had to for them. Because I love them.

Jan 12, 2018

Stupid Expensive Knives

I was reading my bon appetite magazine the other day and they where showing different sets of steak knives. They had a set that was $ 9,000 for a set of 8. Yes you read that correctly nine thousand dollars. That’s $1,100 per steak knife. I have a set that I paid $10 do six and they are sharp as shit. Come one people there is no reason in the world for that. Well there is one, to look like a dick. That is what you want to own when you want to show all of your friends how incredibly rich and cool you are by owning such a set of knives. By allowing your guests to dine in your opulent mansion, at your extravagant table, with your fashionable guests eating a gourmet meal with thousand dollar steak knives. Much better than, say, using that money to feed some hungry children or buy coats and blankets for cold homeless people. Stupid ass rich people.

Jan 9, 2018

dynamics of gay sex

Ok I hear a lot of stuff about gay sex, people are for it or against it but they don’t seem to say much about the dynamics of the way it actually works. So I thought I would give my un-scientific, uneducated, un-expert information to you right now.

If you are gay man, it works like this: you stick your penis in your partners butt. That’s it people, F’d in the A. Is this a bad thing? If you are receiving, yes; if you are giving, no.  As a straight man how do I know this?, Simple, I had an exam at the proctologist before my colonoscopy (everyone should get them to screen for cancer) & he stuck a huge scope up my bum to look around & it was not pleasant. It only lasted for a minute or so & I could not wait for him to get that thing out of there. So, there is the receiving part. Now I have had a few women who have let me take the backdoor route if you know what I mean & it was not too bad. So, there is the giving part.

Jan 7, 2018

child abuse is ok on facebook

child abuse is ok on facebook
The other day someone posted a video on Facebook of a little (about 1 or 2) year old girl being beaten by a grown woman. I say beaten, because she was hitting the girl repeatedly on the back with what appeared to be a belt as well as slapping her across the face with her hand. I only watched for a few seconds as the video repulsed & disturbed me. If you want to watch the video for yourself you will need to find it, as I will NOT be a part of exposing anyone else to child violence.

After watching it, I wrote the poster expressing my distaste for showing it, then I reported it to Facebook for violence. To my surprise, the response I received from FB was “We have reviewed the video & determined that it does not violate our community standards.” Really? Child abuse does not violate your standards? In what world is it okay for us to watch child abuse? Apparently it’s okay in the FB world to beat up little kids.

Now some people might say, “they’re trying to bring awareness to child abuse” & they would be wrong. If you need to be told that beating a child is a bad thing then you are a twisted idiot. Normal people already know not to beat up children. By that logic someone could post a video of an adult having sex with a little kid & claim they were “bringing awareness”. In that case they would go to prison, although FB would probably leave the video up anyway. If they were trying to figure out who the people in the video were to identify them, then they should have posted a still & not the entire video.

So to the people who post/repost these videos, DON’T; to the people who watch them DON’T & report the videos for all the good it will do; to Facebook get some morals & don’t let things like this happen. Child abuse is wrong, we all know it; doing it, filming it, posting it, & yes even watching it. Facebook just either doesn’t get it, or they don’t really care. They are making money & these videos provide a “shock” value that gets people to their site. If it is exploiting or abusing little children “oh well” it’s really all about the money in the end, for them.

So, if you are a child abuser or just like watching, sharing or discussing child abuse it seems that Facebook is the place for you to be. I’m sure their ”child abuse friendly” community standards will be more than accommodating for all of you sick bastards

Jan 6, 2018

I can't be evil.

I was going to try and develop a right wing redneck Trump supporting persona to troll people on the internet, but after I got everything set up I ran into a big problem.

I couldn't do it. I can't be evil.

I think there are two types of people who supported & still support Donald Trump. One is a conniving manipulative corporatist who only cares about adding more wealth to their bloated coffers. There is no limit to these peoples greed & no conscience in their methods to acquire more & more. The other is a more simplistic type of person who believes everything that this deranged sect of evil greed mongers spews out. You know what I mean, morons. I actually think Trump falls into this latter category. I have a strong feeling that he has no idea what he is doing or how the consequences of his actions will affect the world we live in. I feel he is but a puppet in this corrupt administration he has aligned with.

Jan 5, 2018

Its Just Food

I just put 2 steaks (cheap ones) out to thaw for tomorrows dinner, they are listed as beef. Just beef, not “grass fed, farm raised, local, BGH free, organic, free range, yugioh,wagyu massaged beef”. WTF? I’m really sick of all of this “farm to table” bullshit. Food is just food, who gives a crap if eggs are from free range chickens, they were still squeezed from that things ass. And stop asking for organic. ALL food is organic, your only other option is inorganic. You want to eat inorganic stuff? How eating about some: rubber, fiberboard, cement slurry, hydrochloric acid or some good old fashioned glue? Those are your inorganic choices you yuppie morons. And for the love of toast stop asking for gluten free, you don’t have Celiac disease, you only ask for gluten free to act like you are cool. You are not.

Jan 3, 2018

Strange and Mysterious Dreams

Have you ever had a dream that seemed very real? What about one that seemed to come true later on? Are you plagued by night terrors or re-occurring dreams? What does it all mean? Probably nothing, but Here are my thoughts & experiences. 

One particular dream I remember was my fiancee putting clothes from the closet into a suitcase. She left me a short while later. I didn't realize the significance until after she was gone. GOOD RIDDANCE! I have had many "premonition" dreams during my early life, but none since I was in my thirties or so. My grandmother had them all of her life. Could be coincidences or premonitions, definitely interesting though.

Jan 1, 2018

How to Fix the World (really)

It seems like everyone is trying to stick it to everyone else, never content with what they have. War & violence are in the news daily, so much so we have become desensitized to it. It seems there is nothing or no one to fix our problems, until now. Though many have tried in the past to rebuild our world & transform it into a better place, they have all failed. But where all the others have failed, I will succeed. I know how to fix the world & all of its problems. I know how to stop all of the wars & violent acts toward mankind. I know what it will take to accomplish a great society & I am going to share it with you now.