Strange and Mysterious Dreams

Have you ever had a dream that seemed very real? What about one that seemed to come true later on? Are you plagued by night terrors or re-occurring dreams? What does it all mean? Probably nothing, but Here are my thoughts & experiences. 

One particular dream I remember was my fiancee putting clothes from the closet into a suitcase. She left me a short while later. I didn't realize the significance until after she was gone. GOOD RIDDANCE! I have had many "premonition" dreams during my early life, but none since I was in my thirties or so. My grandmother had them all of her life. Could be coincidences or premonitions, definitely interesting though.

I had an "alien abduction" dream that seemed so real it was horrifying. Turns out those type of dreams are a side effect of a phenomenon called "sleep paralysis". This is brought about by the brain releasing chemicals to paralyze you so you don't thrash about while dreaming & beat yourself up. So, I'm not an abductee, although I did see a UFO once.

When I was younger I had many recurring nightmares about a horrible monster chasing me. I would wake up terrified & it caused me many sleep problems. Then one night, when I was a teen, I stopped in the middle of a chase & confronted my "monster". This was the 1st time I had seen him. It was a swirling mass of black mist, roughly the size of a man. I held my hand up & screamed "STOP" I don't remember the exact words, but I basically told him to leave me alone. I never saw him again until a few years ago. Now he tries to scare me & then we laugh & talk about stuff. I see him once or twice a month. Crazy right?

I have no real advice for you, as usual, but I want to tell you not to worry. Whatever dreams you have know that:

  1. they basically don't mean anything at all
  2. premonitions are probably just coincidence
  3. they are your dreams, take control of them
  4. don't be afraid of sleep paralysis
  5. don't read too much into them(sometimes a cigar is just a cigar) 

I recommend keeping a folder by your be & keeping track of ALL of your dreams, even if they don't seem important, it could be helpful & interesting later on.

orig posted 3/11/17, 12:35 AM