Stupid Expensive Knives

I was reading my bon appetite magazine the other day and they where showing different sets of steak knives. They had a set that was $ 9,000 for a set of 8. Yes you read that correctly nine thousand dollars. That’s $1,100 per steak knife. I have a set that I paid $10 do six and they are sharp as shit. Come one people there is no reason in the world for that. Well there is one, to look like a dick. That is what you want to own when you want to show all of your friends how incredibly rich and cool you are by owning such a set of knives. By allowing your guests to dine in your opulent mansion, at your extravagant table, with your fashionable guests eating a gourmet meal with thousand dollar steak knives. Much better than, say, using that money to feed some hungry children or buy coats and blankets for cold homeless people. Stupid ass rich people.