PayPal debit card SCAM

I used to have a PayPal debit card a long time ago & it worked great with no fees, but it was discontinued years ago. When I got a message for this one I assumed they had restarted the old card service again, so I signed up. Let me be clear,


Pure & simple. What they don't tell you is this; there is a 29¢ fee for each transaction & a $4.99 fee per month. So, as soon as you put money on the card they take out 5 bucks. Then you get mad & cancel your account, but they have your $5.28 . If they do this to millions of people it adds up to a lot of stolen money for PayPal. I'm sure it tells you about this in the endless pages of agreement that you agreed to but no one reads. Don't fall for this & cancel your PayPal services like I did.

I submitted this to Consumer Affairs & the Federal Trade Commission