Xbox X The name of the next console?

I have figured out the name for the new Xbox will be. It's simple really.

Xbox X (as in ten)

Think about it this way. When Microsoft released the first Xbox, they were competing with the Playstation 2 as Sony had a generations jump on them. So, they simply titled their console "Xbox", named after their Direct X graphics drivers used in Windows gaming. Then the next gen consoles came out & they had a problem. They couldn't call their new console Xbox 2 as it would be competing with the PS3. That would be a big PR problem that Sony would take advantage of, so, they called it Xbox 360. Problem solved, right? No.

They were set up Again with the PS4. Couldn't call theirs Xbox 3, especially after the 360. That simply wouldn't make sense. What to call it? Xbox 361? Xbox 360-2?
I know, Xbox One. Problem solved, right? No, again.

You see the Xbox will always be at a naming disadvantage due to Sony's pesky Playstation one. So Microsoft needs a permanent fix to this problem. A while back they changed the naming & update system on the Windows Operating System by going to Windows 10. They skipped right over 9 & went to 10, stating it would be the last Windows OS ever. Ten would still get updates & improvements, but it would never go to 11. I feel there is a Spinal Tap joke in there somewhere, but I digress. Windows 10 is the last.

So now you see my reasoning that Xbox X, or Xbox Ten, could be the final name. They have already stated that they are not wanting to re design a new game system every 5 years or so & the power of the latest consoles (One X & PS4 pro) are just amazing. They are more than capable of doing almost anything. The real future of gaming is not so much the hardware, but the content, connectivity, community & creativity of the gaming ecosystem itself.

So, what is the future for gaming naming? Well Sony will have the PS5, duh. But Microsoft is a bit of a mystery. I like the "X" moniker, but only the folks in Redmond truly know.