We all gonna die!

We are, all of us, going to die at some point; there is no way around it. But I believe it is a bit more pressing than most people realize. For the first time since WWI we are becoming an isolationist nation. With our current leadership (Trump) and his endless train of cronies, we have become a terrible example for the rest of the world. The other nations are looking at our xenophobic leaders in disgust & we are losing allies at a rapid pace. Not long ago a survey was done throughout the world (I forget who did it) asking what country was the biggest threat to world peace. The overwhelming majority of people answered "the United States". That is a pretty sad state of affairs when we have become the villains of this planet. Just like most of Germany thought they were on the right side of history, we too have become a Nazi like race.  Hateful, arrogant, racist & sure that we are doing the right thing. We are at  war with 8 countries at the current time (Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Lybia & West Africa). Yes, technically, none of these are wars, ie war has not been declared. But when you are bombing someone, sending in troops & killing them you are at war.

History will Judge us as an aggressive, violent nation that caused much pain & suffering & was generally a scourge to this planet. I am ashamed to be an American.