Pretzel Logic & the Smart Watch

I am sitting here in my home away from home: Checotah, OK. I'm pairing my smart watch because it lost connection for some reason &  I got to thinking. Why are these called "smart" watches? They literally get all of their information from the phones they are connected to. All they do is shuffle the data to & from the phone. The app in the phone is doing all of the work. So really they are dumb watches. Also, why the hell do we even need these in the first place? They basically do all of the things that your phone does anyway. They don't really add any functionality on their own apart from notifying you if you forget your phone. Sure it shows the weather & tells you if you have a call or text, but you can look at your phone for that. And yes you can make a call on it, but that is just retarded talking into your watch. You can access your camera remotely, which is admittedly pretty cool, but how often are you going to use that? The only real benefit from  these devices are being able to look at your wrist & see the time. But that was the job of watches all along. Save your money.