Jan 30, 2018

Violent Behavior

The most violent thing we see is the nightly news. 

I personally quit watching the news years ago, because it was so bad. We know that there are terrible going on in the world, so why do we feel the need to watch them?  Do we get some perverse thrill from the misfortune of others? I am stunned at how our society seems to accept & even embrace violence so quickly. We watch movies about torture & killing, listen to music about gangs & killing, and no one seems to care. We romanticize gangsters, pirates & ninjas when in reality they were thugs, thieves & killers. Our kids dress up as these characters on Halloween & their parents never think about all of the violence associated with these characters.

Jan 28, 2018

REMINDER: Register To Vote! Primaries Are Important!

Register to vote π—»π—Όπ˜„! Voting in the primaries are the most important part of taking back our gov. π——𝗒 π—œπ—§ 𝗑𝗒π—ͺ!!

Jan 22, 2018

Chris Carnes Sr.: Vote!

Chris Carnes Sr.: Vote!: I used to think that voting was not that important. My son Christopher was unsure about voting. Here is all you need to know. VOTE everyone, it's really important. Love you!

Jan 15, 2018

Chelsea Manning is running for senate

Chelsea Manning is running for senate in Maryland. She is an American hero & a super bad ass in general. She was tortured & put in solitary confinement naked to try & break her. Did they? HELL NO! She is a fighter & a patriot who wants to help the real American people & I hope she wins. If I lived in her state I would vote for her without hesitation. Best of luck to her & keep fighting the good fight.


My Babies (doggies)

Reposted from my old blog.

If you have never felt the love & companionship of a good dog then I feel sorry for you. Those of us who love their dogs know what I mean when I call them my babies. They love me no matter what; if I’m having a good day, bad day, sick, depressed, whatever it is, they don’t care. They just love me all the time. I have three Dachshunds & when I get home from work they go nuts. I have to let (Millie) the littlest one give me a kiss or she will bark non stop until I do, my other mini (Zoe) shakes & whines with excitement until I pet her & the old man (Traces) follows me around until I pet him. They are genuinely excited & happy to see me, they love me. The little ones sleep curled up between my wife & me, they are usually sitting with one of us in the evening as we watch TV & play games. Yes a good dog really loves you & good owners really love them back. My dogs are my babies & I would do anything I had to for them. Because I love them.

Jan 12, 2018

Stupid Expensive Knives

I was reading my bon appetite magazine the other day and they where showing different sets of steak knives. They had a set that was $ 9,000 for a set of 8. Yes you read that correctly nine thousand dollars. That’s $1,100 per steak knife. I have a set that I paid $10 do six and they are sharp as shit. Come one people there is no reason in the world for that. Well there is one, to look like a dick. That is what you want to own when you want to show all of your friends how incredibly rich and cool you are by owning such a set of knives. By allowing your guests to dine in your opulent mansion, at your extravagant table, with your fashionable guests eating a gourmet meal with thousand dollar steak knives. Much better than, say, using that money to feed some hungry children or buy coats and blankets for cold homeless people. Stupid ass rich people.

Jan 9, 2018

dynamics of gay sex

Ok I hear a lot of stuff about gay sex, people are for it or against it but they don’t seem to say much about the dynamics of the way it actually works. So I thought I would give my un-scientific, uneducated, un-expert information to you right now.

If you are gay man, it works like this: you stick your penis in your partners butt. That’s it people, F’d in the A. Is this a bad thing? If you are receiving, yes; if you are giving, no.  As a straight man how do I know this?, Simple, I had an exam at the proctologist before my colonoscopy (everyone should get them to screen for cancer) & he stuck a huge scope up my bum to look around & it was not pleasant. It only lasted for a minute or so & I could not wait for him to get that thing out of there. So, there is the receiving part. Now I have had a few women who have let me take the backdoor route if you know what I mean & it was not too bad. So, there is the giving part.

Jan 7, 2018

child abuse is ok on facebook

child abuse is ok on facebook
The other day someone posted a video on Facebook of a little (about 1 or 2) year old girl being beaten by a grown woman. I say beaten, because she was hitting the girl repeatedly on the back with what appeared to be a belt as well as slapping her across the face with her hand. I only watched for a few seconds as the video repulsed & disturbed me. If you want to watch the video for yourself you will need to find it, as I will NOT be a part of exposing anyone else to child violence.

After watching it, I wrote the poster expressing my distaste for showing it, then I reported it to Facebook for violence. To my surprise, the response I received from FB was “We have reviewed the video & determined that it does not violate our community standards.” Really? Child abuse does not violate your standards? In what world is it okay for us to watch child abuse? Apparently it’s okay in the FB world to beat up little kids.

Now some people might say, “they’re trying to bring awareness to child abuse” & they would be wrong. If you need to be told that beating a child is a bad thing then you are a twisted idiot. Normal people already know not to beat up children. By that logic someone could post a video of an adult having sex with a little kid & claim they were “bringing awareness”. In that case they would go to prison, although FB would probably leave the video up anyway. If they were trying to figure out who the people in the video were to identify them, then they should have posted a still & not the entire video.

So to the people who post/repost these videos, DON’T; to the people who watch them DON’T & report the videos for all the good it will do; to Facebook get some morals & don’t let things like this happen. Child abuse is wrong, we all know it; doing it, filming it, posting it, & yes even watching it. Facebook just either doesn’t get it, or they don’t really care. They are making money & these videos provide a “shock” value that gets people to their site. If it is exploiting or abusing little children “oh well” it’s really all about the money in the end, for them.

So, if you are a child abuser or just like watching, sharing or discussing child abuse it seems that Facebook is the place for you to be. I’m sure their ”child abuse friendly” community standards will be more than accommodating for all of you sick bastards

Jan 6, 2018

I can't be evil.

I was going to try and develop a right wing redneck Trump supporting persona to troll people on the internet, but after I got everything set up I ran into a big problem.

I couldn't do it. I can't be evil.

I think there are two types of people who supported & still support Donald Trump. One is a conniving manipulative corporatist who only cares about adding more wealth to their bloated coffers. There is no limit to these peoples greed & no conscience in their methods to acquire more & more. The other is a more simplistic type of person who believes everything that this deranged sect of evil greed mongers spews out. You know what I mean, morons. I actually think Trump falls into this latter category. I have a strong feeling that he has no idea what he is doing or how the consequences of his actions will affect the world we live in. I feel he is but a puppet in this corrupt administration he has aligned with.

Jan 5, 2018

Its Just Food

I just put 2 steaks (cheap ones) out to thaw for tomorrows dinner, they are listed as beef. Just beef, not “grass fed, farm raised, local, BGH free, organic, free range, yugioh,wagyu massaged beef”. WTF? I’m really sick of all of this “farm to table” bullshit. Food is just food, who gives a crap if eggs are from free range chickens, they were still squeezed from that things ass. And stop asking for organic. ALL food is organic, your only other option is inorganic. You want to eat inorganic stuff? How eating about some: rubber, fiberboard, cement slurry, hydrochloric acid or some good old fashioned glue? Those are your inorganic choices you yuppie morons. And for the love of toast stop asking for gluten free, you don’t have Celiac disease, you only ask for gluten free to act like you are cool. You are not.

Jan 3, 2018

Strange and Mysterious Dreams

Have you ever had a dream that seemed very real? What about one that seemed to come true later on? Are you plagued by night terrors or re-occurring dreams? What does it all mean? Probably nothing, but Here are my thoughts & experiences. 

One particular dream I remember was my fiancee putting clothes from the closet into a suitcase. She left me a short while later. I didn't realize the significance until after she was gone. GOOD RIDDANCE! I have had many "premonition" dreams during my early life, but none since I was in my thirties or so. My grandmother had them all of her life. Could be coincidences or premonitions, definitely interesting though.

Jan 1, 2018

How to Fix the World (really)

It seems like everyone is trying to stick it to everyone else, never content with what they have. War & violence are in the news daily, so much so we have become desensitized to it. It seems there is nothing or no one to fix our problems, until now. Though many have tried in the past to rebuild our world & transform it into a better place, they have all failed. But where all the others have failed, I will succeed. I know how to fix the world & all of its problems. I know how to stop all of the wars & violent acts toward mankind. I know what it will take to accomplish a great society & I am going to share it with you now.