Ramblings of Reverend Chris A Carnes Sr

This is a gratuitous page of nonsensical rambling & other thoughts that have no where else to live. What has my life become?

Mr. Chris A Carnes Sr, aka: Reverend Chris, Mopar Chris, PaPa Chris, dad, PaPa, Christopher, honey bunny, you get the idea...

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1."Render to each homo sapien his rightful appurtenances."
2."Please refrain from making your bowler a depository for sputum."
3."Avoid contumelious comportment."
4."Never extricate foreign matter from your proboscis."
5."Shield your oral aperture when forcibly expelling from the same."
6."Regard with deference and esteem those who are your predecessors."
What do they mean?
1. Give each man his due
2. Don't spit in your hat (?)
3. Don't act crazy
4. Don't pick your nose
5. Cover your mouth when you sneeze
6. Respect your elders